History and profile of Burma

Burma is a country of South East Asia. Its border is linked to Bangladesh, Thailand, China, India and Laos. It is the 40th largest country in the world and second largest in South East Asia. With 58.5 million people, it is the 24th populous country with an area of 676,578 km2 . It has plenty of wonders for eyes with ancient Buddhist temples, lush mountain forests, beautiful rivers, great people and many more spectacular sights.

Burma is the home of ancient civilization of Southeast Asia. In 9th century Barman’s entered the valley and established the Pagan Kingdom and their culture and language dominated in the country. During this era Buddhism became the dominant religion of country. Kingdom of Pagan fell in 1287and several stated emerged. In 16th country was reunified and became a great empire of Southeast Asia. In 19th crucial time of this state started following three wars the country was colonized by Britain. Several economic, administrative, social and cultural changes took place during British rule and the society transformed to a feudal state after all country got independence in 1948. But at that time country was suffering civil wars between myriad ethnic groups. Country was under military rule since 1962 to 2011 and no development took place during this period. General election held in 2010 and military rule dissolved in 2011 and civilian government established.

During military rule there was a least development in economy but it a country full of resources. Economic growth rate was also slower during this period and annual GDP rate was 2.9%. Due to poor Health care system world health organization ranked it at 190th country with worst health system. Several organizations and United States report human rights violation consistently in the country which includes child labor, women rights violation, lack of speech freedom and human trafficking.

This country consists of 67 districts, 14 states, 330 towns and 68290 villages. The country lies between Equator and Tropic of Cancer, it is the monsoon region of area and coastal areas receives 5,000mm annual rainfall. Northern regions are cool where as weather remains pleasant in delta and coastal regions. Although country is full of natural resources, there is less focus on preservation of ecosystem and environment. Forest area is 49% with dense tropical growth including bamboo, acacia and iron wood and many other species. In the highlands pine, Oak covers much of the area. Heavy logging greatly reduced forest area and also destroyed wild life habitat. Various varieties of tropical fruits are found in the coastal area and around the country, it is also a large area of mangroves.

Elections were held in 2010 and after a long time these were peaceful elections in county and new Government focused on various reforms which include economy, democracy, commission for human rights established, new labor laws were passed, freedom of speech was allowed and press was free of any political pressure. These reforms were surprise for people who suffered for a long time in Military rule. Future will show whether these reforms are established or not. Burma is full of natural resources and a nation of hardworking people. There is a need civililian government should be continued and laws should be passed to hinder the path of military rule in future and civilian government should focus towards welfare of people who suffered for a long time.

Changing Fortunes for Burma During the Course of History

Did you know there is a country called “Burma” or “Myanmar” in this world? Interestingly, it is world’s 24th largest country in terms of population with almost 60 million people. Similarly it is a rich country in terms of resources. It also ranks 40th among the countries in terms of area. Still, it is one of the poorest countries.

One century ago, things were not like that for Burma. There were days when there was economic prosperity, Myanmar used to be the wealthiest place in its region. These were the days when it was a British colony. Even before that, Myanmar had critical importance in trade because of its location. It was famous for rice, teak and other exports. Burma was a dominant rice exporter something like 70 years back. However, today things have changed drastically. The country is no longer a prosperous country. It has been the slowest country in terms of GDP growth rate in its region. Burma’s border touches economic giants like China and India. However, still it has had a struggling economy.

Things started to go wrong for this country after its independence from Britain in 1948. It became a welfare state and the economic reforms introduced by the very first government started the downhill slide for Myanmar. Myanmar did not become a member of common wealth states. It meant that Myanmar was on the road to a policy of isolation. This has been one of the chief reasons for economic hardships it has suffered for so long. After these reforms, the first set back was a drastic fall in exports. If that wasn’t enough, Burma adopted socialism which made sure USA, UK and Europe were going to impose severe economic sanctions on Myanmar.

In 1987, things exacerbated further and Myanmar entered into the list of lowest income countries. That has been the lowest point in this country history. Corruption and inflation have been the major problems for Myanmar’s economy. Inflation was caused during the early years as government had to print more currency to sustain things. This resulted in devaluation of currency. Illiteracy is another problem hindering the economic growth. Because of that, there are human rights violations in the society and many countries have imposed sanctions because of that on Myanmar. The human development index is quite low for this country.

However, there is some hope for that troubled country. China and India have established some economic ties which could be good news for Myanmar. If Burma can make use of its huge agricultural and mineral resources potential, it can become a prosperous state again! The potential is there but education and technology are missing. Management is also necessary for mighty inflation rates, so that the economy can bounce back. Things seem to be good for this country in 2011. The economy is expected to grow at 8.8 %, which is a significant improvement from 2-3 % for the past years. This is a result produced from good economic reforms and investment from some countries.

So, fortunes can switch for countries like Burma. Education and carefully planned policies are the back bone for an economy. In addition, this country needs to improve its foreign policy to encourage some foreign investment. Also, there should be a balanced society which is possible with amendments in law.

Playing Pocket Aces

Aces are the holy grail of Texas Hold’em hands. Getting the rockets is a wonderful occurrence for any poker player but playing aces properly can be quite challenging. This is especially true because as soon as you peek at your cards and see two baddies staring back at you, your mouth starts to water, the angelic choirs start singing and you sit there debating how to make the most money on the gem of a hand sitting in front of you. How to play aces depends on a number of factors including your position at the table, the size of your stack, and your temperament as a player to name a few.

In an early position, making a big raise with aces can often lead to you doing nothing more than stealing the blinds and stealing the blinds with aces is a sad event. It is not losing but it is not much of a win either. Either calling or a small raise from early position is what I normally suggest in hopes of getting a reraise from a big hand in a later position. In a middle position, if you have callers already, you should probably make a sizeable raise and either take the pot there or push everyone but the best hands out. Late position players should almost always put in a big raise as long as you have callers or raisers ahead of you, otherwise limping in and hoping to get something out of them is worth it.

Depending on the size of your PokerStars stack, your action with aces should change. This is really only important if you are short stacked and depending on how short you are stacked, pushing all in can often be a great idea. Personally, however, I prefer to make a raise that is large enough to make me committed to the pot in hopes that my opponent will see that and try and push me all in. It is a lot easier to get someone else to push you all in than it is to get them to call your all in bet.

Your temperament and appetite for risk is another important factor to playing aces. Do you like to play like a maniac and take large risks or you a more conservative player who would rather win a dozen small pots than one large one? For those of you who prefer a higher level of risk, limping with aces is a great way to try to trap your opponents. Personally, I am not a poker star and therefore, not a fan of trying to trap but many players are and for those that can pull it off, it can be extremely rewarding. Other players who are like me and like to play conservatively, taking the pot without exposing yourself to excess risk is the way to go and trying to win the hand pre-flop is how I play it.

The proper way to play aces is one of the most hotly debated topics in Texas Hold’em and there is only one right answer: whatever works for you.

Children Being Recruited As Soldiers In Burma

The violation of children’s rights is one of the major critical issues of Burma. In this country, children under the age of fifteen are being recruited as soldiers. This age level is strictly being considered below the legal age to join any kind of forces. Burma armed forces are violating the human rights openly against the world’s laws. Almost 100000 children are being recruited in these armed forces. The government refuse to take the responsibility of recruiting children in their armed forces when being criticized by the other developed nations of the world.

There are several other countries of the world that are violating the same law such as: Burundi, Sudan, and Rwanda etc. But Burma is at the top of this illegal act amongst the world. The country even has separate institutes for the training of these children who get trained by the professional soldiers. These children are kept in these institutes until they finish 18 weeks of a training program. After the training, they are positioned to several types of jobs such as kitchen help, spies, porters, etc., but sadly they are most used for fighting their country’s battles. Even the government does not hesitate to threat the children with jail if they refuse to join the armed forces. In many cases, children were killed when they were trying to saving their lives. Most of the children are recruited forcibly in the armed forces and if they try to escape, they have to face swear punishments including death. After being recruited, these soldiers are forced to do combats against the opposite groups. They are also forced to commit abuses against civilians, including executions, burning whole villages and forced labor.

Different organizations of the world criticize this behavior of Burma government. A lot of reservations were there because Burma children were forced to serve the army . These organizations want to end the use of children as slaves and soldiers. The lives of little children are being ruined due to the cruelty of their rules and protectors. These children live a miserable life under swear mental pressure and miseries. At the age of eleven years, they have to get trained regarding how to kill people . Several interviews of these child soldiers have been taken by many journalists and newspapers which reveal that most of them were being forced to join the army and are not so happy with nature of their job . As a result, these children face a lot of psychological problems and often try to commit suicide to get rid of their miserable life.

It’s a pity that at one side of the world children are being considered as the most important part of the bright future of a country while on the other side, their future has been thrown into the black well of wars and blood of innocents. This extreme violation should be condemned strictly through practical measures. Including several other measure, the creation of SPDC’s Committee for Prevention of Military Recruitment of Underage Children is a useful step against this cruelty.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Listening to Music While Playing Poker

There are a lot of pros and cons that can be experienced when you are listening to music while playing poker. These can vary and can also affect the game in a number of different ways. Music can be your ally or it can be you opponent when it comes to winning strategy that you can use in your game. Many people are divided on the subject of music while playing poker. Some people will tell you that you are in the driver seat while playing music. Then the other side of the debate will tell you that there is no advantage to this, these people will even tell you that this will be a disadvantage when you are playing during a poker game.

The advantage that you can gain from this will allow you to psych your opponents out in the mere fact that you will be relaxed and will have no kind of emotion. The music will allow you to feel relaxed and keep you from giving your hand away with your facial expressions. Your opponents will be at a disadvantage as they will have a hard time reading your face. This along with wearing sunglasses while playing, will be an impressive technique that you will be able to use in your game to keep your opponents guessing as to what will be your next move.

One disadvantage that a person will have with listening to music while playing poker, is that you will find yourself being distracted. This distraction will involve a person not always being able to hear what the current bet will be. Also there is the fact that a person will be able to listen to the voice of the other players. This is an important aspect that needs to be considered when you are implementing this strategy. The voice of your opponents will allow you to tell if they are scared, confident, or if they have no emotion at all.

Another thing that will hurt your playing when you are listening to music is that this will slow the game down a lot more. The game slowing down will be a distraction to you and your opponents. Many times there are conversations that occur during a game. This is because the game of poker is a social game. If you are listening to your music during the game, the other players will consider this to be a very rod thing that you can do while playing.

Listening to music while playing poker, will be a great ally that will be in your pocket when you need it. There are a few disadvantages that will be evident when you are playing. These may or may not be a factor to you and your strategy. There will need to be a decision made on your part as to what will be your decision about using this while you are playing the game. In the end it is all about getting inside the head of your opponents and making them wonder as to what is going on with you.

Rules to Follow While Playing 7-Game Poker Mix

7 Game Poker combines the majority of well-liked poker games with the overwhelming poker mixed confront game. The primary game in the succession is Hold’em Permanent Limit. In this version, restrictions are positioned at the same time as gambling. For the case in point, when you sit at a board for $5/$10, the pass with flying insignia bet for the first two rounds are $5 added together to the most current two rounds is $10. During the genuine game play, a small blind bet is $5 and a full-size unsighted bet is $10. The original bet will establish the round and the players will be dealt their compartment cards face down.

Seven Card Stud fixed border line is the second version in the 7 Game Poker lineups. Each player will be dealt two cards face downwards, four cards dealt face up, and rounding off the transaction will be a river card dealt face down. The performer with the lowest card can bet at half of the near to the ground bet, and the player with the best hand given away may show the way the bets designed for the game. During the original two rounds of play, the bets are at the nearest to the ground limit and the last two rounds are as far as the above the ground limit. The Ace, depending on your hand, can either be high or low, which is based solely on the type of hand that you are using for that round.

Pastime number three, Fixed Boundary Razz, is comparable to seven card stud, apart for this game, the nearest to the ground hand will win the pot. Each performer must up the ante before dealing and a bet has got to be at the lower limit after starting to deal the round. On the other hand, all of the bets must be equivalent to the lower limits for the first two rounds, while the outstanding rounds are bet at a far above the ground limit.

Players at PartyPoker.com try to get the unbeaten hand by means of two of their pocket cards and three cards beginning the community broaden in the fourth game called Omaha permanent limit. The betting will begin with the player clicking on investment button. The small blind and full-size blind are immediately to the left of the dealer, while the player next to big blind player is allowed to position the first bet of the version.

Seven Card Stud Three cards are played face down and four cards are positioned face up for each one of the group of players at the table with a Seven Card Stud predetermined maximum value. The ordinary poker rules will be appropriate as players try to construct their best hand in order to win the pot. If we follow all the instructions and play well the game as per the cards on hand we can win 7 game poker mix easily.

Smart Exercise Tips For Online Poker Players

As health advisor and true poker lover will be able to tell you that online poker can be so intriguing that sometimes you can end up sitting for hours in front of your PC or Laptop screen without doing more than wiggling in your chair or at the most, doing a lethargic stretch. But, in such cases, where you are glued to your chair for more than a few hours at a stretch, it is very important to include physical exercise at regular intervals for optimum mind-body functioning.

Of course, no one expects online poker players to exhibit Olympian fitness standards (though it doesn’t hurt to impress the opposite sex when you are off the game portal, that is) but a certain healthy level of fitness should be aimed at for ensuring a sharp mind in a fit body for the serious poker player who wants to be able to live up to newer challenges with total well being achievable through dedicated exercise efforts.

Sometimes, playing poker online can turn net gaming enthusiasts into the cyber-equivalent of a TV couch potato and this is why it is vital for such poker lovers to understand and integrate healthy exercise and good food habits for revitalizing their body and mind.

The paybacks include being able to make quick, decisive and positive gaming choices, which can very well determine a poker win or loss, besides optimum brain functioning and physical fitness progress for long term health benefits, not to mention considerable additions to the poker bankroll one is likely to build up through concentrated, smart play efforts on a regular basis!!

The exercises mentioned below do not require extensive sweating or heavy financial investment in fancy equipment like a rowing machine or even require you to sign up for a spin-class, but are based on a combination of simple cardio coupled with basic aerobic training, occasional weight training and stretching exercises for an optimum workout followed 3-5 times weekly.

Following this regime regularly will not only improve your poker game, say advanced level players who have benefited from the all-round physical fitness and sense of balance achieved from a smart diet and exercise plan, but also enhance the quality of your life.

One of the smartest things you can do for improving your poker game in addition to doing regular exercises as outlined above is buy an ergonomically designed chair that allows you to keep your shoulders square, so when you sit on it, your monitor is at eye-level, not lower. Ensure your wrists are little lower as compared to the resting position of your elbows when playing online poker; the best posture is to keep knees a little higher than the hips.

Aim at taking a couple of minutes off from your PokerStar.com game (use a timer) to do a few stretching exercises to loosen your muscles every half an hour; for every one hour of play, take a 5 minute break, especially if you are an online poker tourney participant.

Reduce your chances of eye fatigue during long hours of online poker play by looking at objects other than your monitor or covering your eyes for 15 seconds to a minute; place cool cucumber slices on your eye-lids for a soothing effect that refreshes your eyes instantly.

While sitting at your computer during a poker game, contract ab muscles and hold them in for a few seconds for a great gluteus muscles workout, while you enjoy your online poker game – till you achieve a comfortable level of tiredness.

Push the balls on your feet inwards for exercising calf muscles; hold and repeat the action for best results and slowly get into the routine of doing these two exercises after every 2 hours of online poker play for best results.

Playing No Limit Re Buy Tournaments

Playing a No Limit Texas Holdem re-buy tournament on EverestPoker is very different from playing an ordinary freeze out tournament. Some people consider Re-Buy tournaments to be much more challenging to win than an ordinary freeze out. The quality of the player is no better at a $5 re-buy than there is at an $11 freeze out.

Difference between rebuy and freeze out tournaments

You will often hear a freeze out tournament player complain about the stupidity of the players playing the re-buy tournaments. This is because freeze out players cannot expect to sit down at a re-buy tournament and use the same strategy they use when playing freeze outs. Playing a freeze out strategy in a re buy tournament is like playing a holdem strategy in an Omaha game. You need to understand No Limit Holdem Freeze Out Tournaments are very different from No Limit Holdem Re-Buy Tournaments. Therefore, you need to use a different strategy.

Rebuy Tournament Strategy

It is advisable to re-buy as soon as you sit down at the US Poker Room table if the tournament allows. This will give you twice as much chips as anyone who does not, which will give you an advantage over some of the field. The next thing you need to realize is that re-buy tournaments are the most aggressive forms of poker tournaments. In addition, it is not unusual for players to be pushing all-in with fairly rubbish hands. This can usually be seen until the re-buy period has finished. This is because players are always looking to double up and reach a large chip stack before the re-buy period is over.

Therefore, the best strategy is when you decide to play a hand that all your chips are eventually going in the middle before the end of the hand. You will see players just shoving all-in with nearly any two cards. Usually this player plans to use multiple re-buys and is willing to risk all their chips for the chance to double up. This pkr strategy can actually work in re buy tournaments; however, it can get very expensive. The ideal strategy employs shoving all-in and calling all-ins with hands slightly worse than normal if playing a freeze out tournament. For example, one might not call an all-in with 7-7 in a freeze out. However, in a PokerStar re-buy, you have a good opportunity to double up – as players are much more likely to push with any Ace or any pair. Thus, you actually have a good chance on being in front. Thus, the idea with re-buys is to accumulate a chip stack that you will be happy to play after the re-buy period is over, then hold on to your chips until you hit the break.

Rakeback Guide

In internet poker the poker room doesn’t wager any money and they need a way to make money for offering there services to players which is why they take a rake. A rake is a percentage of every pot which the poker room takes for offering there poker room to players. Since the online poker industry has become more competitive over the past few years many online poker rooms started offering players the chance to receive some of the rake taken from the pots they play.

If you’re just a casual poker player who likes to play poker online, then you might find that a deal isn’t going to add up to much and isn’t worth it at the time. For those of you who are already playing online poker regularly you’ll want to make sure that you’re set-up with a rakeback deal. Many players receive hundreds and some even thousands every month on there rakeback deals. The amount you receive is solely dependant upon how much poker you actually play at the poker room.

In order to sign-up for a rakeback account you need to find a poker room which you haven’t played with before, such as Full Tilt Poker, and make a new account set-up for rakeback. There are some poker websites which offer rakeback and these are known as third part providers. If you use a third part provider you’ll be paid out by that provider on the schedule that they have set-up. Lately poker rooms have been offering there own rakeback programs though, and if you prefer having your rake paid by the actual poker room then you’ll want to choose this option.

It doesn’t really matter where you get your absolute rakeback deal as long as you choose a trusted provider who you know will pay you each month without any hassles. Throughout the month if you become curious about how much rake you have earned there are some great calculators online which you can use to calculate your rake. Most online poker rooms will also still give you a sign-up bonus when making a rakeback account although there are exceptions to this and not every poker room will offer you a bonus.

The most popular poker rooms don’t offer rakeback such as Poker Stars.com and Party Poker, but many of the other poker rooms. Even if you don’t play much online poker right now you never know when you might start playing more regularly which is why I recommend using a rakeback account even if you’re a casual player right now. If you start playing more poker it’s much easier to use the account you’ve been using rather then needing to switch to a new poker room to get a rakeback account.

There is no point leaving free money out there that could be in your pocket so spend a day searching through rakeback providers and then choose the best option for your needs. Every poker room has there own payout percentage so don’t join the first program you see. Make sure you look for the highest rakeback deal and then spend the time setting up your account with the provider.

Mission of Burma Band

When you are talking about punk bands that have made a name for the genre of punk music, then you will want to talk about the Mission of Burma Band. This band has brought a lot of attention to the punk music genre. The bands were formed in 1979 and during the first part of the 80’s brought the type of music of punk to the attention of people all over the world. The main popularity that has been enjoyed is due in a large part to the Mission of Burma band. While many other people will be quick to claim that the band is not entirely responsible for the success of punk music.

It has been a wild and rough road for this band. In 1983 the band split up due to difference within the core of the band. This lasted will in the 2000’s when they were able to put their differences aside and reform the group. This allowed them to appeal to a whole new generation of music lovers. There are few people that will deny that the band is the reason that punk music was resurrected in the later parts of this century and has made a comeback. Had the Mission of Burma Band not got back together, punk music may have remained dead and no one would know the great bands we have today or had in the past.

The founding members of the band believed that they had a form of music that would be popular to the rest of the world; as a result there have been several people that have called the band the inventors of punk music. They say that without Mission of Burma, the punk music explosion that occurred in the 80’s and 90’s would have never come to pass. The band is not fully convinced that they are the inventors, as they see it more as they were in the right place with the right sound at the time.

In 2009 the band released their fourth album, this was a large parting from their sound that they had prior. This was attributed to the fact that they realized that they had to make a change in order to still be considered current in the punk scene. They realized that the punk music that they had been famous for was slowing evolving into a new creation and as such that they had to stay fresh and current in order to remain relevant.

Those that grew up with the band will always be a fan of the music that they created in the 80’s, those that are just becoming familiar with the band are discovering a new type of music and as a result are more fresh to the sounds of the band. No matter if you are a first or second coming fan of the Mission of Burma band, you will discover that this band has a following that is way more popular than any person could have ever imagined.